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Leadership should not be a lonely experience
Pedro das Neves


// Interviews

Shaping New Futures In European Justice
Věra Jourová
EU Commissioner of Justice

European Penitentiary Systems In Transition
Hans Meurisse
DG of the Belgium Prison Service and President of EuroPris

European Probation Systems in Transition
Gerry McNally
President of the Confederation of European Probation

Full rights citizens: the principle of normality in Norwegian prisons
Marianne Vollan
DG of the Norwegian Prison Service

Challenges and Accomplishments of the Portuguese Correctional System
Celso Manata
DG of Reintegration and Prison Services of Portugal

Turkish Corrections in Transition
Enis Yavuz Yildirim
DG of Prisons and Detention Houses of Turkey

Romania: Challenges and Paradoxes of the Probation System
Mihai Dima
DG of the Romanian Probation System

The Future of Training of the Judicial Staff
Edgar Lopes, Judge Coordinator of the Training Department of the Centre for Judicial Studies

Working Towards Prison Reform in the UK
Lady Edwina Grosvenor
Prison Philanthropist

Perspectives about the Evolution of the American Justice System and the decision to close the Rikers Island Prison Complex
Judge Jonathan Lippman
Head of the Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform

The Decriminalization of Drug Use in Portugal and its Impact in the Criminal Justice System
João Goulão, MD
Director General of SICAD (Portuguese Service in Addiction Behaviors and

Cellmade: Reducing Recidivism through Work in Prisons
Kathleen Van De Vijver & Tine Verhenne
Belgian Prison Service

National Penitentiary Reform: challenges of Guatemala’s Penitentiary System
Ricardo Guzmán Loyo
First Vice Minister of Government

Dominican Republic: An Example of Penitentiary Reform to be followed
Ysmael Paniagua Guerrero
Coordinator of the New Penitentiary Management Model of Dominican

The Regional Penitentiary Academy: Supporting Penitentiary Reform in Latin America 
Roberto Santana
Coordinator of the Regional Penitentiary Academy, Dominican Republic

Public Safety through Penitentiary Reform and Control of Gangs
Rodil Hernández
DG of Penal Institutions of El Salvador

Argentina: Improving the Penitentiary System through the Training of First Line Practitioners
Emiliano Blanco
National Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Argentina

CARCEL: Empowering Female Inmates through Work
Veronica D’Souza
CARCEL’s Founder & CEO

From Uganda’s Death Row to Human Rights Activism
Susan Kigula
Human Rights Activist


// Articles 

Technology in Corrections: Challenges and Strategy
Steven Van De Steene

Addressing New Learning Solutions for Foreign Inmates in EU Prisons
Tiago Leitão

Old and Forgotten Behind Bars: facing the crisis of the elderly in prisons
Frank Porporino

Transferring Prison Design Trends
Stephen Carter

Striving to Keep Prisons Safe, While Increasing the Opportunity for Inmates’ Social Reintegration
Oliver Drews

Mass supervision: the silent crisis of probation
Ioan Durnescu

Finding Regional Solutions for Regional Challenges – Developing Learning Hubs In Central Europe and the Balkans
Dorin Muresan

Reducing Prison Population And Recidivism Through The Use Of Real-Time Monitoring Technologies
José Demetrio

Using Virtual Reality for Inmates Rehabilitation
Raji Wahidy

The Role of UNODC in Penitentiary Reform Processes in Latin America
Piera Barzano & Maria Noel Rodriguez

A Digital Leap from Paper to Empowerment: one prisoner’s view


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