// Editorial

Prison as a last resort. The “Fata Morgana” of criminal justice systems?
Pedro das Neves

// Interviews

Strategic planning and the development of the Belgian correctional system
Koen Geens
Minister of Justice, Belgium

Correctional reform in France: more prison places, fewer incarcerations
Stéphane Bredin
Director General of the Prison Administration, France

Canada: Fifteen thousand decisions per year in the best interest of public safety
Jennifer Oades
Chairperson of the Parole Board of Canada

Modernization, efficiency, and transparency are Morocco’s correctional system focus
Mohamed Salah Tamek
Delegate General of the Correctional Department, Kingdom of Morocco

Israeli Corrections in transition: more prisons but also more alternatives
Ofra Klinger
Lieutenant General, Commissioner of the Israel Prison Service

Going against the flow to improve the system and reduce recidivism
Gary Mohr
Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, USA

Perspectives on the evolution of the American correctional system and the state of New York
Martin F. Horn
Executive Director of the New York State Permanent Commission on Sentencing, New York

Planning and action to address unprecedented changes
Desmond Chin
Commissioner of the Singapore Prison Service

Laying the foundations for a new penitentiary model in Paraguay
Ever Martínez Fernández
Paraguay ’s Minister of Justice

Ten thousand new places to solve the prison system overcrowding
Francisco Alberto Caricati
Director General of the Penitentiary Department of the State of Paraná, Brazil

Doha Declaration: the interrelation and reciprocal reinforcement between the Rule of Law and sustainable development
Dimitri Vlassis
Chief coordinator of the programme for the implementation of the Doha Declaration, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)


// Experts’ Panel 

Shaping lives, the use of electronic monitoring

Clean and dirty electronic monitoring
Prof. Mike Nellis

Testimonials about EM: Evolution and perspectives for the future
Invited decision-makers: Paulo Moimenta de Carvalho (Portugal), Pedro Ferreira Marum (Belgium), and Şaban Yilmaz (Turkey)

// Articles 

From a reactive to a preventive approach: what is on the horizon of electronic monitoring technologies?
José Demetrio

Corrections and digital technology: An introduction to data analytics and predictive capabilities
Simon Bonk & Michael Bettman

When services become real systems: A giant leap from disconnection to Connexall

Cell phones in the hands of prisoners: if the problem lies in technology, so does the solution
Oliver Drews

Developing correctional trends in Canada: some ideas from a lead justice designer
Robert Boraks

Multi-level in-Prison Radicalisation Prevention – The R2PRIS approach and certification programme

Highlights of the European Commission’s Conference on Radicalisation in Prisons

Case study: the Ohio strategic planning process
Stephen A. Carter

Yellow Ribbon Run: there is a better future on the horizon for those who have been in prison

The importance of rehabilitation: What works?
Lucia Dammert

Bolivia: Legal transformation towards 2030
Arkel Benítez Mendizábal

The power of communication behind bars
Francis Toye

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