PPROMPT Peer Pro-Social Modeling in Probation

Peer training is increasingly needed, especially for disadvantaged groups. The placement of offenders in peer-support roles is also increasingly recommended by different governments, as peers can be effective ‘identity models’ and the “living proofs” of the possibility of giving up the criminal life. Peer support is crucial because offenders tend to consider professional staff as authority figures and are more likely to listen to individuals that have ‘walked in their shoes’. On the other hand, pro-social modelling – which is based on the notion of pro-social behaviour such as sharing, comforting, rescuing, and helping – is a style of supervision that can reduce recidivism as much as 50%. Hence, the PPROMPT project seeks to explore and implement an approach that will build social capital and resilience among offenders who are on probation.

Project partners

  • Ankara Probation Directorate (General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses), Turkey
  • IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, Portugal
  • DGRSP – Directorate General for Prison and Probation Services, Portugal
  • European Strategies Consulting, Romania 

More information at www.prisonsystems.eu/projects 

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