Digitalisation in corrections towards recidivism reduction initiative

DIGICOR promotes a technology-based approach in European prisons


The COVID-19 pandemic triggered the urge to develop the technology environment in prison systems to respond to the imposed restrictions and limitations. Thus, DIGICOR is closely linked to the idea that correctional administrations must not ignore the digitalisation momentum derived from the pandemic crisis. Instead, this turning point must be supported, especially for the education and employability of prisoners and their contact with the outside world.


Prison staff (educational/training staff, technicians, and prison officers) play an intermediary role between inmates and technological solutions, which exponentially decrease recidivism rates. Hence, DIGICOR seeks to invest in providing training to this target group, enhancing their digital skills, and successfully harnessing technology towards inmate rehabilitation.


By adjusting to the new digital era, the project will understand the advantages and analyse the risks of each technological solution implemented, with the ultimate goals of reducing recidivism and supporting the inmates’ reintegration process.