Multi-Ideological Radicalisation Assessment towards Disengagement

MIRAD strives to enhance the efficiency of disengagement and reintegration programmes


To achieve this, it focuses on multi-ideological assessment, mixed-method training, and interagency collaboration and trustworthiness.


One of the main goals is to develop a risk assessment instrument that considers the ideology-specific and gender-relevant dimensions. To this end, the project will build upon the IRS – Individual Radicalisation Screening (Radicalisation Awareness Network best practice, as part of the R2PRIS approach) to achieve a longitudinal implementation of risk assessment tools.


An additional innovative aspect in MIRAD regards a mixed-method training approach. The professionals involved in assessing and rehabilitating extremist offenders will acquire and develop skills and knowledge through VR-based training and e-Learning.


Moreover, MIRAD looks to expand the collaboration between correctional administrations, judicial practitioners, and NGOs. Hence, there will be a specific assessment tool to ensure that the institutions supporting disengagement programmes contribute to successful outcomes.