Systematic Transition from Prison into the Labour Market

Enhancing Labour Reintegration Through Prison Work: The STEP2LAB Project


The importance of prison work for successful labour reintegration of citizens deprived of liberty has been a recurrent topic for many national and European projects in recent years.

The STEP2LAB project has built on previous European initiatives to create effective and collaborative social and labour reintegration roadmaps for incarcerated individuals by fostering synergies between prison services and private industries.
The project operates on two main fronts: understanding, enhancing, and establishing new cooperation mechanisms at the organisational level, and developing comprehensive training resources for both institutional staff and incarcerated individuals.

Project Milestones

Optimising the cooperation process


·       Development of a Guidance, Training, and Integration (GTI) process Manual, that can be used by prison institutions and private organisations staff to better integrate imprisoned individuals into the job market.


·    An EU Induction Courses review, to better understand the framework of how prison services and private organisations work together when choosing and preparing candidates to be introduced to specific industries.


·       Creation of a Catalogue of Case Studies, based on each partner country’s successful experience with the STEP2LAB Technical Drawing course and beyond.



 Training and Empowerment



·        Training sessions involving 80 prison staff and industry stakeholders across Portugal, France, Romania, Italy, Spain and Germany, introducing the STEP2LAB programme and how to use it in their work.



·        Training sessions with 60 young incarcerated individuals, in Portugal, France, Romania, Italy, and Spain, presenting the STEP2LAB initiative.



·       Technical Drawing e-learning course, dedicated to providing a thorough introduction to Technical Drawing and Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) software. This course was piloted in a tutored format with more than 150 participating trainees.


·        A Train the Trainer course, created to supply the trainers with all the information to deliver and replicate the STEP2LAB Technical Drawing course. This course, piloted with over 70 participants, can be found in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, Romanian, French, and English.



·        Events showcasing the Catalogue of Case Studies to organisations and industries
in each partner country, to promote the STEP2LAB framework and demonstrate how they can adopt and replicate successful case studies.


CENTIMFE – Technological Center for Molds, Special Tools and Plastics Industry (Portugal)
IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (Portugal)

Mioveni Penitentiary (Romania)

Greta du Velay (Velay Region Educational Institutions Group) (France)

IRFIP (Religious Institute of Vocational Education and Training – Romania)

CIRE (Center for Reintegration Initiatives – Catalonia, Spain)

KIMW-Q (Non-profit KIMW Qualification Association – Germany).