Justice Trends 7


The opportunity that emerged from chaos

Pedro das Neves



Respect for the rule of law at the core of the justice portfolio

Didier Reynders

European Commissioner for Justice, European Commission

Justice and Peace: challenges and advancements in times of pandemic

Fiorella Salazar Rojas

Ministra de Justicia y Paz, Costa Rica

Justice and beyond: Council of Europe working on setting global benchmarks on AI

Jan Kleijssen

Director of the Information Society and Action against Crime Directorate, Council of Europe

Making changes on several fronts: infrastructure, personnel, health and digital

Rudy Van De Voorde

Director-General Belgian Prison Service

A digital leap in Canada's federal corrections triggered by the pandemic

Anne Kelly

Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada

Challenges and priorities for the Portuguese prison system... And the ongoing transformation despite COVID-19

Rómulo Mateus

Director-General of Reintegration and Prison Services, Portugal

Making a strategic investment to give a big step forward in modernisation

Deborah Richardson

Deputy Solicitor General (Correctional Services), Ontario, Canada

Challenges and opportunities for a prison system with more than 200,000 inmates

Nivaldo Restivo

Colonel, Secretary of State for the penitentiary Administration, São Paulo, Brazil

Prison overcrowding and staffing problems: Critical situation leads to unprecedented strategies

Ina Eliasen

Director-General, Department of Prisons and Probation, Denmark

A focus on reducing recidivism both in custody and community corrections

David Brown

Chief Executive, Department for Correctional Services, South Australia

What solutions for the mentally ill caught in the web of a broken criminal justice system?

Christine Montross, M.D.

Psychiatrist, author of “Waiting for an Echo – The Madness of American Incarceration”, USA

Achieving systemic changes through the investigation of inmates' complaints

Ivan Zinger

Correctional Investigator of Canada

An NGO dedicated to assisting (ex)convicts in becoming employed or entrepreneurs

Victor Dickson

President and CEO, Safer Foundation, USA

Experts' Panel

The New European Bauhaus: An opportunity to revisit the way we think about prisons

Ana Maria Evans & Pedro das Neves

The New European Bauhaus: the experts’ view


Robert Boraks

Architect & Director of Parkin Architects

Hans Meurisse

Vice-President, ICPA International Corrections and Prisons Association and Chairperson of the ICPA European Chapter

Marayca Lopez

Justice & Civic Planning Leader, DLR Group

Are Høidal

Governor, Halden Prison, Norwegian Correctional Service

Pia Puolakka

Project manager, Criminal Sanctions Agency of Finland

Steve Carter

Founder & Executive Vice-President for Global Strategic Development, CGL Companies

Steven van de Steene

Enterprise architect and Corrections technology consultant


Domestic Violence: Do restraining orders really provide protection?

Roni Weinberg (Attenti)

Smart Prison: a historical digital leap in Finnish prisons

Pia Puolakka

Social distancing in prison


Video calls in prisons: current needs and challenges after the pandemic

Dave Lageweg (Telio)

Beyond Prisons: Women and Community Corrections - ICPA TASKFORCE

Diane Williams & Jennifer Oades

Use of offender electronic monitoring expands during pandemic

José Demetrio (Geosatis)

Making prison and probation work

Francis Toye (Unilink)







Featured projects

PO21 European Prison Officers for the 21st Century

DIGICOR Digitalisation in corrections towards recidivism reduction initiative

LEADCOR Leadership development for occupational stress reduction in correctional settings

PRETRIAD Judicial Awareness and cooperation towards the realisation of common standards