Where does your jurisdiction stand in the digital transition/transformation journey?

Pedro das Neves



Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Upholding Justice in the region

Ricardo Pérez Manrique

Judge, President of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Brazil: State of Espírito Santo takes steps to modernise the justice system

Renato Casagrande

Governor, State of Espírito Santo, Brazil

Guidelines for the safe and ethical implementation of artificial intelligence in prisons and probation

Ilina Taneva, Håkan Klarin, Pia Puolakka & Fernando Miró Llinares

Members and experts of the Council for Penological Co-operation of the Council of Europe

Adapting to a transforming landscape: New problems and opportunities in South Carolina

Bryan Stirling

Director, South Carolina Department of Corrections, USA

Revolutionising Probation in Europe: How technology can support community corrections

Jana Špero

Secretary General, Confederation of European Probation (CEP)

Engaging Prison Staff and the Community for Holistic Offender Rehabilitation

Shie Yong Lee

Commissioner of the Singapore Prison Service

Networking for Change: A Coordinated Strategy to Modernise Corrections

Simon Bonk

Chair of the Technology Solutions Network, Internacional Corrections and Prisons Association

Collaborating for Change: Corrections Technology Association role in Digital Transformation

Zacc Allen

President of the Corrections Technology Association, USA

Experts' Panel

Integration of Digital Thinking in Corrections

Arun Vanapalli

Digital Transformation of Justice: Experts from various parts of the world share their opinions

Technology Implementation Cases

Digital transformation in the Belgian prison system: improving the daily life of inmates and staff

Kristoff Hemelinckx

Inmate Communications: In-cell telephony transforms French prisons

Patrick Gomez

Use of Virtual Reality in Catalan Prisons: Challenges and Opportunities

Nicolas Barnes, Tania Johnston, Ana Gallego & Maria V. Sanchez-Vives

“Changing Lives”: Northern Ireland’s Digital Solution for Engaging Probation Service Users

Gail McGreevy

Transforming Rehabilitation through digital technology in New South Wales Corrections

Renee Van Aaken

Digitalisation in Corrections – The Singapore Experience

Dominic Fernandez

Can Video Visitation Reduce Recidivism? The experience of Minnesota, United States

Grant Duwe & Susan McNeeley

Video sessions in Scottish Prisons – A digital transition

Scottish Prison Service


The Role of Policy and Digital Strategy in Shaping the Future of Corrections

Simon Bonk (Telio)

Towards an intelligent Offender Management System

Pedro das Neves

How can an Offender Management System integrate risk/needs assessments to make communities safer?

James M. Lant (MHS Public Safety)

Achieving Digital Maturity in Prisons: A Study on Digital Readiness

Steven Van De Steene, Bianca C. Reisdorf & Victoria Knight

Overcoming the Challenges of Introducing Digital Services to Analog Prisons

Christopher Ditto (Viapath Technologies)

Learn to Earn: A new philosophy in correctional tablet programs

Craig Storer (NCIC Inmate Communications)

Why are Prisons Slow to Adopt New Digital Technologies? The Challenges and Solutions

Tim Purcell (Core Systems)

Smart Prisons and Artificial Intelligence Systems Expand in Finland

Pia Puolakka

Technology and digital transformation in prisons and probation

Francis Toye (Unilink)


ViaPath Technologies

MHS Public Safety



Core Systems

NCIC Inmate Communications

Featured projects

DIGICOR Digitalisation in corrections towards recidivism reduction initiative

HORUS 360 iOS Intelligent Offender Management System

MIRAD Multi-Ideological Radicalisation Assessment towards Disengagement

J-CAP Judicial cooperation for the enhancement of mutual recognition regarding probation measures and alternative sanctions

TRAIVR Training of Refugee Offenders by Virtual Reality

ViRTI Virtual reality for training inmates

VISION Visualising the Future Through Training

VR4DRUG Rehab Developing and Using Virtual Reality Technology for the Rehabilitation of Drug Users in Probation Services

VR4REACT Reducing Reactive Aggression through Virtual Reality