The Hidden Epidemic: Organised Crime in Prisons and the Threat to Societal Safety

Pedro das Neves



Inside Brazil's Penal Policy: Addressing organised crime challenges and breaking

Rafael Velasco Brandani

National Secretary for Penal Policies, Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Brazil

International cooperation against organised crime: “It takes a network to defeat a network”

Vincent Van Quickenborne

Minister of Justice, Belgium

Navigating Challenges in Ontario's Correctional Services: Transforming the Future

Karen Ellis

Deputy Solicitor General, (Correctional Services), Ontario, Canada

Council of Europe's CPDL Division supports Member States tackle Radicalisation in Prisons

Tanja Rakušić-Hadžić

Head of the Cooperation in Police, and Deprivation of Liberty Division of Directorate General Human Rights and Rule of Law, Council of Europe

Exploring Future-Focused Solutions in the French Prison Administration

Laurent Ridel

Director of the Prison Administration, France

Cultivating staff commitment as a cornerstone for a sustainable penitentiary system

Rui Abrunhosa Gonçalves

Director-General of Reintegration and Prison Services, Portugal

Breaking Barriers: Restorative Justice and Family Support in Saxony's Justice System

Katja Meier

State Minister of Justice and for Democracy, Europe, and Gender Equality, Saxony, Germany

Rehabilitation and Restorative Justice: A Comprehensive Strategy in the Basque Country

Jaime Tapia

Advisor on penitentiary issues to the Basque Government

International collaboration and extremist’s rehabilitation in a reformed Correctional Service

Haliru Nababa

Controller General of Corrections, Nigerian Correctional Service

Modernisation of Ecuador's prison system

Paolo Di Sciuva

International Director of the EURESP project in Ecuador

From crime hubs to schools of transformation: Prison reform in Ceará

Mauro Albuquerque

Secretary of Penitentiary Administration and Resocialization, State of Ceará, Brazil

Malaysia Embraces a Holistic Approach to Rehabilitating Violent Extremist Offenders

Nordin Muhamad

Commissioner General of Prisons, Malaysia

Organised Crime in Latin America: "Tough-on-crime" approach is not the answer

General Óscar Naranjo Trujillo

Former Director General of the National Police and former Vice-President of Colombia

Experts' Panel: Response to Extremism

Europe's Response to Extremist Threats: Exceptionalism or Global Unity?

Pedro Liberado

Leading the Way: Europe's Experts and Decision Makers views on Extremism Response


Promoting Human(e) Corrections: A Call for Compassion in Our Sector

Simon Bonk (Telio)

Prison Intelligence: preventing and fighting extremism and organized crime

Pedro das Neves

Transforming Incarceration through Education and Rehabilitation

Craig Storer (NCIC Inmate Communications)

Addressing Radicalisation, Violent Extremism, and Organised Crime in Prisons: A Multifaceted Approach

Tim Purcell (Core Systems)

Strengthening an evidence-based approach to designing and evaluating radicalisation prevention and mitigation

Marzena Kordaczuk-Wąs

Countering Contraband Cell Phones: An Intelligence-Led Corrections Approach

Mitch Volkart (ViaPath Technologies)

Preventing radicalisation through adequate assessment and support during reintegration

Margarida Damas & Sara Afonso

Mitigating the threat of targeted violence: the Terrorist Radicalization Assessment Protocol

Dr. Reid Meloy (MHS Public Safety)

Developing a European framework for the disengagement and reintegration of extremist and radicalised offenders

Daniela Pisoiu

Evidence-Based Public Security can help Latin America beat Organised Crime

Alberto Kopittke

UNODC’s work on the management of violent extremist prisoners and the prevention of radicalisation to violence in prisons

Torben Adams

Revolutionising Prison Environments: AIM Application Targets Suicide and Self-Harm

Francis Toye (Unilink)


ViaPath Technologies

MHS Public Safety



Core Systems

NCIC Inmate Communications

Featured projects

EUTEx Developing a European framework for disengagement and reintegration of extremist offenders and radicalised individuals in prison

INDEED Evidence-Based Model for Evaluation of Radicalisation Prevention and Mitigation

MIRAD Multi-Ideological Radicalisation Assessment towards Disengagement

R2COM Radicalisation and Violent Extremism Prevention in the Community