Digital transformation… "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Pedro das Neves



Times of change and modernisation in the Portuguese justice

Francisca Van Dunem

Minister of Justice, Portugal

Advancing justice and corrections in conflict regions through the Rule of Law

Alexandre Zouev

Assistant Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions, United Nations

A leadership of proximity with eyes on solutions and continuous improvement

Jana Špero

Assistant Minister, Directorate for Prisons and Probation, Ministry of Justice, Croatia

Short interview: Singapore Prison Service towards total digitisation

Loh Teck En

Director of the Transformation and Technology Division, Singapore Prison Service

The Swiss correctional system: the complex challenge of harmonisation Triple interview:

  • Ronald Gramigna, Head of the Execution of Sentences and Measures Unit Federal Office of Justice, Switzerland

  • Fredy Fässler, Chair of the Board, Swiss Centre of Expertise in Prison and Probation & Head of Security and Justice, Canton St.-Gallen, Switzerland

  • Sylvie Bula, Director of the Canton Vaud’s Prison Service and President of the Conference of Heads of Cantonal Prison Services, Switzerland

The challenges and opportunities of the Italian penitentiary system

Francesco Basentini

Head of the Penitentiary Department, Italy

The Italian juvenile and community justice in transition

Gemma Tuccillo

Head of the Department of Juvenile and Community Justice, Ministry of Justice, Italy

A constructive alternative to incarceration at the disposal of the most vulnerable

David Scott

Director of the Toronto Bail Programme, Ontario, Canada

The Hungarian correctional system on the path to modernisation

Tamás Tóth

Major General Dr., Director General of the Hungarian Prison Service

Evidence-based decisions and employee wellness in the spotlight

Colette Peters

Director of the Department of Corrections, Oregon State, United States of America

Fostering development through finding solutions to crime and violence

Nathalie Alvarado

Head of Citizen Security and Justice, Inter-American Development Bank

Preventing juvenile delinquency in Panama through talent and purpose

Erika Ender

Singer-songwriter and philanthropist, founder and president of the Puertas Abiertas Foundation, Panama

Featured article

The convergence of information technology and operational technology in Corrections: a driver for innovation

Ser Leng Kuai, Simon Bonk & Steven Van De Steene

Articles and case studies

Multi-level in-Prison Radicalisation Prevention: Certification programme for prison managers and staff

IPS Innovative Prison Systems

Communication in prisons: integral solutions to tackle complex challenges

Oliver Drews

Connexall - Systems’ interoperability in corrections: When prison services become real systems

Breaking Prison Walls in Portugal: Early Release of Prisoners Through Electronic Monitoring


Using advanced virtual reality technology for treating drug addiction in prison and probation settings

Susana Reis, Maria Loureiro & Silvia Bernardo

Taking electronic monitoring to the next level

José Demetrio

New experimental lab of penitentiary forensics in Italy

Ministry of Justice of Italy, Penitentiary Administration Department for the Triveneto

Using technology to promote desistance in Northern Ireland: “Changing Lives” Mobile App

Gail McGreevy (from the Probation Board for Northern Ireland)

Electronic monitoring: does “home confinement” necessarily mean “RF”?

Pierre Blondeau 

The role of technology in the correctional transformation

Simon Bonk

Digital criminal justice: how technology brings security and speed to the Brazilian system

Jorge Cury

A win-win for contraband detection

OD Security

Offline technology for prison education

Frank Martin

Embracing mobility improves efficiency for community corrections officers

Ken McGovern

The use of artificial intelligence in the Mexican justice system

Jorge Medina

The case of El Salvador’s prison information system

José Rodríguez

 A prison project that yields tech jobs to prisoners


Empowering prisoners and helping rehabilitation through employment




Geosatis Technology



OD Security

Abilis Solutions - CORIS