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Education may be expensive, but we all know where ignorance will take us

Pedro das Neves



The key(s) to the success of the humanitarian mission in criminal justice

Peter Maurer

President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Swedish correctional services: growing challenges in an era of change

Martin Holmgren

Director-General, Swedish Prison and Probation Service

Spain: Corrections reaps the rewards of investments and reforms in recent decades

Ángel Luis Ortiz González

Secretary General of Penitentiary Institutions, Spain

Santa Catarina correctional system makes progress on several fronts despite challenges

Leandro Lima

Secretary of State for Prison and Socio-Educational Administration, S.C., Brazil

From punishment to rehabilitation: Namibia as a beacon of modernity in Africa

Raphael T. Hamunyela

Commissioner-General, Namibian Correctional Service

Systemic change efforts in New Zealand Corrections are already bearing fruit

Jeremy Lightfoot

Chief Executive, Ara Poutama Aotearoa - Department of Corrections, New Zealand

How Iraqi Kurdistan prisons handle thousands of terrorism convicts

Ahmed Najmaddin Ahmed

Jurist and Director-General of Social Reform, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Risk-Need-Responsivity: How the RNR model is making a difference in public safety

James Bonta

Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), Co-author of “The Psychology of Criminal Conduct” (RNR model), Canada

Change and humanization: Watchwords among community corrections professionals in the US

Brian Lovins

President of the Board of Directors, American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), USA

Leadership training as the foundation for correctional management excellence

Douglas Dretke

Executive Director, Correctional Management Institute of Texas (CMIT), Sam Houston State University, USA

Experts' Panel

How different is Prison Officer training from the job’s current and future needs and challenges?

Pedro das Neves, Carolina Pereira & Ana M. Nascimento

Correctional staff training: the views of experts worldwide


Correctional staff training: the views of experts worldwide

Simon Bonk (with Arun Vanapalli & Laura McManus)

Correctional staff training: the views of experts worldwide

Didier Reynders, (European Commissioner for Justice)

Smart Prison: From Prison Digitalisation to Prison Using, Learning and Training Artificial Intelligence

Pia Puolakka

Smart Prison: From Prison Digitalisation to Prison Using, Learning and Training Artificial Intelligence

Dave Lageweg (Telio)

Electronic monitoring: Overcoming operational and logistical challenges during the pandemic

Jim Walker (GEOSATIS)

Extremist offender rehabilitation: Innovative, multiple and overlapping approaches as the path to success

Pedro Liberado & Vânia Sampaio

Artificial Intelligence on Trial

Francis Toye (Unilink)

Modernizing technology to facilitate integrated databases and online learning

Katrina I. Serpa (MHS Inc. Public Safety)





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PO21 European Prison Officers for the 21st Century

DIGICOR Digitalisation in corrections towards recidivism reduction initiative

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INDEED Evidence-Based Model for Evaluation of Radicalisation Prevention and Mitigation