Virtual reality for drug rehabilitation in probation project

VR for drug rehabilitation

Developing and Using Virtual Reality Technology for the Rehabilitation of Drug Users in the Probation Service


This project aims to develop and test an innovative drug treatment programme using advanced Virtual Reality (VR) technology in a young offender population under probation supervision.

The project will develop and adapt scenarios for a VR application that induce drug craving in the target group, as an additional tool to cue exposure therapy.

Moreover, it will develop an assessment tool for testing the VR effects, and a pilot programme in the probation services of the jurisdictions that take part in the consortium.


Project partners 

  • District Governorship of Torbalı, Turkey
  • IPS Innovative Prison Systems, Portugal
  • Izmir Probation Directorate, Turkey
  • Ege University’s Institute on Drug Abuse, Toxicology, and Pharmaceutical Science, Turkey
  • Psious VR Therapy, Spain
  • European Strategies Consulting, Romania 

Go to IPS Innovative Prison Systems website for more information on this project.

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