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When prison services become real systems: A giant leap from disconnection to Connexall

How often do prison services really work as systems?

The physical distance between facilities, the number of services provided and technological solutions that support them as well as different work teams and professional groups tend to pose challenges to custodial organisations. Different areas, departments and wards require a lot of time and effort in communication and paperwork, so that the tasks are carried out with precision, there is a flow of information and incidents are attended to. Often, safety and efficiency are lost.


Imagine a prison where existing systems are connected. Where biometric recognition, inmates and staff real-time location systems, CCTV, and
building automation solutions feed an offender management system. A prison where everybody can be notified of what to do and when to do it,
acknowledging the execution of tasks. Where all defined management and staff members are notified when emergencies occur enabling them to
act as fast as possible. Where business data about daily operations, inmates and staff is available and supports decision making. Such a level of connectivity and integration is possible with Connexall. 


Connexall is a vendor-neutral software platform based on powerful intelligent workflow automation that connects all kinds of devices, systems and platforms.

By enabling a cross-platform communication flow, Connexall also produces analytics and reporting, which, in turn, can pave the way for continuous integration, providing interoperability to processes, systems, staff, and devices.

Imagine that a critical incident occurs such as a riot, an attempt to escape or a multiple-injury episode of inmates and staff. Who shall be immediately notified? Is it a switchboard, is it a response team, is it prison officers – all of them or just a specific group? Is it the prison governor?

Connexall provides a multidevice workflow, therefore there’s an escalation process: only the right people get notified – be it on their smartphone or a walkie-talkie (for those prisons who are not in the digital era yet) – to be able to immediately act upon the reported incident.

Connexall is also able to integrate the locating systems, through RFID or ultrasound. Hence, in the event of a prisoner in a restricted area, for instance, it’s the closest warden who gets notified first, and the notification can come with all the information that is needed for a proportionate response (including the demographics of the inmate, which has been automatically tapped from the offender management system).

Plus, Connexall can automatically lock the elevators and doors, take a snapshot from the CCTV, and provide it to the notified staff. All of this in real time.

Other areas in which Connexall can be a real breath of fresh air include transportation (being able to connect the correctional facility to a hospital or to a court, not only enabling a two-way interaction but also a live report of the exact location of the transport, of any delays etc.), visitation, emergencies, fire alarms, staff schedules, messaging, and housekeeping.

Error and risk are virtually reduced to zero with Connexall, whereas security, efficiency and transparency get exponentiated. Connexall entails endless possibilities, a whole myriad of customisable connectivity options that allow any prison service to achieve the ideal level of integration of what used to be a set of disconnected systems.

Connexall is successfully deployed in over 1000 facilities around the world
More than 20 years of experience in healthcare and homeland security.
The industry leader in alarm management and event notification.

Go on connecting even after Connexall is deployed
Any type of systems and devices can be added to Connexall, placing more and more devices in communication to achieve full integration.

With Connexall any prison service can actually adopt a systemic configuration
Achieve incredible improvements in intelligence, process efficiency, and security by leveraging the connectivity, analytics and reporting capabilities of the platform.

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